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River City Toastmasters
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Becoming a River City Toastmaster is Simple!

River City Toastmasters membership is open to anyone willing to improve his/her speaking and presentation skills.

The first step is to visit a River City Toastmasters meeting. River City Toastmasters requires three visits to club meetings prior to submitting an application for membership.

Become familiar with the Toastmasters Pledge.

Complete the membership application and pay the new member and monthly member fees (see schedule below). A paper application can be obtained at one of the meetings or you can download the PDF form and print it out.

For less than $112 per year, Toastmasters offers education and training that is worth thousands of dollars from other training sources. Plus members gain practical experience that is priceless when it comes to improving communication skills and advancing careers.

Fees For New Members

If the Current Month is:

New Member Fee Toastmasters Intl. Fee River City Club Dues Total Fees Due
Oct  or AA Apr $20.00 $27.00 $9.00 $56.00
Nov  or May $20.00 $22.50 $7.50 $50.00
Dec  or Jun $20.00 $18.00 $6.00 $44.00
Jan  or Jul $20.00 $13.50 $4.50 $38.00
Feb  or Aug $20.00 $  9.00 $3.00 $32.00
Mar  or Sep $20.00 $  4.50 $1.50 $26.00