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Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Do you have to be involved in public speaking to join?
A: No. Toastmasters has people with varying skill levels. Toastmasters is a teaching program, designed for any skill level of speaking. More accomplished speakers readily offer encouragement and instructive feedback that will help you feel improve and gain confidence.
Q: Who will help me get through my speech?
A: A mentor is assigned to each new member to help him/her to get comfortable with the program. Mentors assist with rules and traditions of the club, how to prepare for speeches and how to help you suceed in the Toastmaster program.
Q: What is the Toastmasters program? Was it created locally?
A: The Toastmasters program was developed by Toastmasters International. River City follows the rules and guidelines as put forth by Toastmasters International, plus adds individual flavor of it's members to make the club challenging yet fun and informative. For more information about Toastmasters International (TI), visit the TI website.
Q: How will I learn to speak better through Toastmasters?
A: Feedback and suggestions for improvement are offered in an instructive and positive manner. You will not only learn how to speak better, but how to give your own feedback in a positive and supportive way.
Q: What will I learn through Toastmasters?
A: You will learn how to:
  • Conduct meetings in a timely and meaning fashion. Meetings usually begin with a short business session which helps members learn basic meeting procedures.
  • Give impromptu speeches. Members present one-to two-minute impromptu speeches on assigned topics.
  • Present prepared speeches. Three or more members present speeches based on projects from the Toastmasters International Communication and Leadership Program manuals. Projects cover such topics as speech organization, voice, language, gestures, and persuasion.
  • Offer constructive evaluation. Every prepared speaker is assigned an evaluator who points out speech strengths and offers suggestions for improvement.
    Q: How do I join?
    A: Please visit our Become A Member page.
    Q: How do I find other Toastmasters clubs?
    A: You can find other Toastmasters clubs by visiting the Toastmasters International's "Find A Club Near You" page.